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Why Aliens Won’t be Smarter than Humans

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pyramid in the sky Newark, NJ 12-30-2016

01/12/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1518 Submitted by: rwarde United States, New Jersey, Newark

Bright object in sky faded out after a few mins

01/08/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1517 Submitted by: Stupot United States, New Jersey, Other

Round objects seen Parkland Washington

01/04/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1516 Submitted by: Lucyfir United States, Washington, Tacoma

Star like triangle unbelievable observed in Shrews

01/02/2017    1 0   View Report
Report ID: 1515 Submitted by: Richo United Kingdom, Shropshire, Shrewsbury

Round object with burning flames flying low

01/01/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1514 Submitted by: reportaufo United States, California, Anaheim

Top Rated UFO Reports

Four orange lights over Redcliffe, Queensland, Aus

07/08/2015    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1029 Submitted by: Kezza Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

UFO over Dover England, 2010, during reenactment

04/07/2013    5 1   View Report
Report ID: 51 Submitted by: scribble United Kingdom, South East England, Dover

Saucer shaped object appeared in photograph

08/27/2013    0 2   View Report
Report ID: 288 Submitted by: Millie Croatia, Brac, Brac

3 round ufos in the sky across the road

04/04/2014    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 691 Submitted by: Joel Canada, Nova Scotia, Wolfville

Glowing ORB about 1/4 size of the moon

03/03/2014    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 635 Submitted by: Rebecca United States, California, Menifee

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