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Time Slips: A Strange Phenomenon image 1

Time Slips: A Strange Phenomenon

Time slips are amongst the most intriguing and strange paranormal phenomena reported in history. The time slip phenomenon centers on claims that individuals have, for brief moments in time, traveled in time. read more

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Set of lights Alberta Canada Sept 3 2016

02/11/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1521 Submitted by: RobT Canada, Alberta, Alberta Beach

UFO Fleet captured on video in South Gate, CA

01/31/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1520 Submitted by: JayLee United States, California, South Gate

Bright Glowing Circular Object in Sky, NY

01/21/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1519 Submitted by: WheresCasey United States, New York, Dobbs Ferry

pyramid in the sky Newark, NJ 12-30-2016

01/12/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1518 Submitted by: rwarde United States, New Jersey, Newark

Bright object in sky faded out after a few mins

01/08/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1517 Submitted by: Stupot United States, New Jersey, Other

Top Rated UFO Reports

Four orange lights over Redcliffe, Queensland, Aus

07/08/2015    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1029 Submitted by: Kezza Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

Alien on Camera Behind tree in Fontainebleau

04/13/2014    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 716 Submitted by: skycharts France, lle-de-France, Paris

3 bright red lights that formed a triangular shape

07/21/2013    2 0   View Report
Report ID: 222 Submitted by: Tracie United States, New York, Ashville

ufo shootin orbs transparent ppl very close

02/20/2014    1 0   View Report
Report ID: 619 Submitted by: veronica Canada, British Columbia, Revelstoke

Video two ufos in the sky flying over Fair Oaks

08/15/2013    2 2   View Report
Report ID: 269 Submitted by: reportaufo United States, California, Fair Oaks

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