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Aliens: Are they Really Out There?

Aliens, extraterrestrials, and unidentified flying objects manned by intelligent life, all of which may, or may not, reside outside our own galaxy; is any of it real? Does any of this actually exist? read more

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Whitish orb seen flying above Camborne also splits

03/23/2018    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1547 Submitted by: robofi5h United Kingdom, Cornwall, Camborne

orange orb with lights on avon Mtn. Ct.

01/23/2018    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1546 Submitted by: Trouble United States, Connecticut, Avon

Oval object photo taken at time of partial eclipse

01/17/2018    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1545 Submitted by: Rontaylor United States, Montana, Cascade

bright orange lights seen at kelloe, county durham

11/29/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1544 Submitted by: craig United Kingdom, Durham, Kelloe

Huge round ball with hoop around it no sound

10/28/2017    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1543 Submitted by: keithhd101 United States, Michigan, Dryden

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ufo shootin orbs transparent ppl very close

02/20/2014    1 0   View Report
Report ID: 619 Submitted by: veronica Canada, British Columbia, Revelstoke

3 cigar shaped ufos at same angle over Gloucester

03/23/2014    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 671 Submitted by: reportaufo United Kingdom, Gloucester, Gloucester

Over Ann Arbor Michigan sighting. Pulsates, colors

03/22/2014    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 669 Submitted by: crupee United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor

Orange fiery object in brandon florida

07/24/2013    2 0   View Report
Report ID: 230 Submitted by: Keith United States, Florida, Brandon

UFO over Dover England, 2010, during reenactment

04/07/2013    5 1   View Report
Report ID: 51 Submitted by: scribble United Kingdom, South East England, Dover

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