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Flying Disk, Fly Into Sky Itself, Not Through It.

Report ID: 623 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, Virginia, Fredericksburg

Event Date: 09/17/2006  Event Time: 17:45  Submitted: 02/20/2014

Craft Shape: Disc   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Electrical or magnetic effects were present
Report Details:
On September 17, 2006 while checking my tires on my car to see if they needed any air or not. I rose up from behind my rear tire and spotted a "Gray Disc, UFO" just hanging in the sky between two large clouds like a "Post-It Note" on a bulletin board.
I was stunned and just never took my eyes off the ship and felt like I was under some dampening field or blanket because I could not hear anything, there was no noise around me. The design of the ship was beautiful, there were no cracks showing different sections, or identifying rocket motors, windows or anything. It had one hump in the middle of it and the skin of the ship was glass-smooth all over.
As I observed, it did not occur to me to yell to my wife or neighbors in there homes surrounding me to get multiple witnesses for proof of the sighting. This UFO (flying disc) was spotted directly over the city of Fredericksburg, I live in Spotsylvania County, not very far from Fredericksburg, VA. The really weird part of seeing this UFO is that it vanished into the sky by not going through it into space, but into the sky itself. I saw the ship turn up a little, while still hanging between these two clouds, and I saw some fluid go over the skin of the ship and the ship opened up a slice of the sky just like it was the peeling of a tangerine. I saw inside of one slice of our sky (and "NO" I am not drinking and was not drinking then) and the slice was the purest white I have ever seen. So did the ship go back through a worm hole or did it travel through a portal of somekind to another dimension. For a long while I would consistently have thoughts about this sighting in my brain and constantly see in my brain what I have described to you above. I could be in church, driving a car, walking, trying to sleep at night, reading or whatever, and my thoughts would return to what I have described to you above.

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