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Triangle shape object with 3 lights at each point.

10/11/2022    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1602 Submitted by: MJizzel United States, Louisiana, Pineville

Large orange light over Kilmore East

03/03/2022    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1601 Submitted by: Imitation Australia, Victoria, Kilmore

Huge cluster of ships star level east of Leduc

10/02/2021    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1598 Submitted by: DrakeEater Canada, Alberta, Leduc

Lakeland florida objects hovering in sky 4/4/19

04/03/2019    0 0   View Report
Report ID: 1562 Submitted by: Savvyp United States, Florida, Lakeland

2 Types of UFOs in One Photo Green Orb

03/29/2019    0 1   View Report
Report ID: 1561 Submitted by: jphockey97 United States, Pennsylvania, Lansdale