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Cigar shaped UFO seen in Vermont July 1965

Report ID: 624 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, Vermont, Passumpsic

Event Date: 07/16/1965  Event Time: 02:00  Submitted: 02/21/2014

Craft Shape: Bullet shaped   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
This sighting was many years ago and has stayed with me for a long time. I have not seen or heard many descriptions that are similar. I was 16, it was a sunny July day and I was taking a walk in a field near our house. I had walked about 2000 feet in the open field when suddenly I noticed a large UFO directly over my head about 50 feet up. It was stationery. It made no sound. It had no lights. It had no smoke or steam. It was about 35-40 ft. long and bullet shaped - flat on one end, pointed on the other. It was a light metallic color with no seams or rivets or markings. Around the circumference off the flat end was a series of small triangular shaped "fins" pointing backwards. There was a row of round windows, completely black and opaque. I could not see in and there was nothing looking out the windows. It seemed to be aware of me because it was directly above me in the large field. I stared at for a long time, completely stunned and fascinated. I was not frightened and kept thinking about that, wondering why. After some time (I am not sure how long) it just sped off in an upward trajectory and disappeared over a forest at the end of the field and went out of sight. There was never any sound and it remained completely stationery for a long time. I remember returning home and thinking my mother will never believe me so I started running so I would be out of breath and more convincing when I told her. It took several years for me to come to the awareness that my mother was making supper when I walked in and she usually did that at 5:00. Where had the time gone? I don't tell many people about this because no one believes me and I just gave up convincing anyone. It is almost as if it was a hologram.

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