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Huge cluster of ships star level east of Leduc

Report ID: 1598 Submitted by: DrakeEater

Location: Canada, Alberta, Leduc

Event Date: 10/02/2021  Event Time: 12:00  Submitted: 10/02/2021

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: >10

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object, Other objects surrounding main object, Object emitted beams
Report Details:
Lots of activity seen 2 shooting stars cross like they were going head on, then I Noticed huge cluster of moving stars, star level way up there wish I had a telescope was east of Leduc, witnessed what looks like they were all moving around forming in groups of 4 or more some shooting off different directions and more coming out of something they are all moving around in the centre could be multiple ships Can’t be satellites as they were all clumped together. As I am writing this at 2am they are still all moving around hard to see with the naked eye but I have 20/14 vision. Better then perfect, also witnessed by 3 others.

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