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Share your opinion about the subject of UFOs

Contest status: Active    End Date: Dec 2022

The best article and the best writer will receive

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We are inviting input from everyone who wants their voice and opinion to be heard in regards to their experiences with or ideas revolving around Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's). We would like to ask you, or someone you know who feels strongly about UFO's, to write an article concerned with the subject of UFO's and extraterrestrial life, which we will post for all to see on To get your article accepted, please make sure that the article is concise, properly punctuated, and that it makes a compelling and strong case. Every article that is accepted will automatically be included and compete in our best article and best author contest. The winner of that contest will be determined at the end of each year by readers who liked and shared the article. Readers will be provided with various options so that they can share any article. There will be a winner for each category, for best author and for best article, and all winners will receive a $500 prize.

Good luck everyone.

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Articles: (2022)
A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel

Time travel might be one of the most popular themes of science fiction, but did you know that time travel to both the past and future, of a sort, is also something we experience every day of our lives? This might sound absurd, but here is how it... read more

By: levidrake Added on: 04/18/2013
What if I was cloned and replaced?

What you are about to read is a bit weird, but bear with me, I promise to make my point as fast as I can. For a long time scientists have been cloning different kinds of animals throughout the world... read more

By: reportaufo Added on: 01/07/2013
UFO abduction attempt during Napa earthquake

It was not an earth quake. I was at the epicenter of napa earth quake 6.0 earthquake look it up. It happened a few weeks ago. But no one believes me except for my friend who was right there with me under the light. I have to report it now. read more

By: Spikes Added on: 09/07/2014
Real ufo sighting on freedom road in pv

Ufo was seen on freedom road in pleasant valley ny. Made a right onto freedom road, saw bright lights in the sky thought it was construction, then saw car coming down below. As i drove closer the light disappeared. read more

By: Fred Added on: 04/27/2014