You may find the following information to be somewhat strange, but please bear with me as I will try to make my point as quickly as possible. For many years, scientists have been successfully cloning various animals across the globe. It is not clear if any country has ever succeeded in cloning a human being, but for the purpose of this article, let's imagine a future where it is the year 2304. In this hypothetical scenario, the cloning of humans has been sanctioned by governments and is commonly used for medical purposes such as the generation of replacement organs, among others.

Now imagine the following situation:

One night, you were abducted from your bed and taken to a medical facility. There, you discovered an identical clone prepared to take your place. The reason for the replacement is not important. You were placed in a dark room and given a helmet with wires connected to computers. The computers created a complete copy of your brain, also known as an image copy, similar to how information is copied and cloned on hard drives. This copy of your brain, which includes all of your memories up until the moment of your abduction, would be transferred to your new clone. Your clone, while in a state of sleep, is returned to your home and placed in your bed. The original human, you, is then disposed of (killed).

The question: When the new you (the clone) wakes up in the morning, will it feel as if nothing has happened to you? Will you feel that you have actually died? From your perspective, you went to bed at night and woke up in the morning. What do you think about this scenario?

Comments are greatly appreciated!