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Cigar shaped Chrome colored craft no wings

Report ID: 567 Submitted by: Mickey

Location: United States, North Carolina, Jamestown

Event Date: 01/23/2014  Event Time: 15:40  Submitted: 01/27/2014

Craft Shape: Cigar   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
Noticed a big 4 engine jet airliner in distress zig zag s shaped trails flying south toward Charlotte about 20,000 ft then regained straight flight about 10 miles or so from our position. It looked to be having continual trouble maintaining control as more zig zag trails came into view. We pulled over to a higher ground parking lot In Jamestown NC to get a better look at this jet while 2 other jets nearby had straight jet stream trails like normal. While looking at the troubled jet I noticed a cigar shape chrome object about 3 miles away up to our left like a blimp but smooth like a 747 fuselage about 3 miles up from the ground at 45 degrees I called out to my kid to see if they saw it too and they said yes after getting out of the car. It suddenly went east about 10 miles out in one second and about 7 seconds later it shot back to its original position stopping on a dime my kid said Holy cow and I was like did you just see that or am I imagining this? It hung there for about 35 seconds south of Jamestown over the High Point area then in disbelief it literally went invisible in its current position and never came back. Skies were clear blue not a cloud anywhere sun was to the east mid level during this event. Of course nobody else in the parking lot looked up at all to see what we were looking at.

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