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Triangular Object/ 3 Blinking Red Lights

Report ID: 1540 Submitted by: Billdozer

Location: United States, North Carolina, Ellerbe

Event Date: 07/25/2017  Event Time: 10:00  Submitted: 07/25/2017

Craft Shape: Triangle   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object
Report Details:
I was outside taking my dog to the bathroom. I had noticed a car parked with lights on for an extended period of time at a stop sign. It started to make me uncomfortable for how long they were there so I began to gaze around and had happened to look up and directly above I see 3 blinking red lights in a triangular formation. The lights were in a sequence that did not alter. As I had watched them for a few seconds I started to make out shape on some detail of what I was seeing. The craft was very thin however incredibly large, much larger than any aircraft that I have seen (I have spent time in the navy had never have I ever see a object his large in the sky). The object was moving VERY slow, and there was absolutely no noise and what also appeared to be fog or greyish mist around the object. Note the fog or whatever was faint but clearly there. Keep in mind it is absolutely clear outside during event. I then ran into my house to grab someone to bare witness to what was happening. We then came back outside and the craft was still visible and still moving slowly across the sky. We watched it until it disappeared across into the horizon. I am regretful having not grabbed my phone to video it, however I was in shock. I was never a solid believer of these things. I have never seen an UFO until now!!!! I am still uncertain as to what I was looking at, but I can honestly say that this was in clear view and directly above my property just above the trees. I got an incredible look at this and am still puzzled as to what this was!!!

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