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connected cubes of different sizes gargo like co

Report ID: 1507 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, North Carolina, Shelby

Event Date: 12/09/2016  Event Time: 02:30  Submitted: 12/15/2016

Craft Shape: Rectangular   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
My wife and I were returning home from Grover NC ,traveling on pleasant hill ch rd 2:30 PM Friday Dec-9-2016,headed south west,near our home,My wife saw the object first,then called my attention,it was floating about ten feet above the tree tops,
on the left side were large cargo box looking cubes,almost like cargo containers
of different sizes,this tapered down to the right but continued to look like cargo
boxes,smaller and smaller,as it tapered down cubed boxes,we saw no lights
it was a bright clear day nearly cloudless sky in our area,the craft was medium dark grey in color,we continued toward the object untill the tree line cut off our view,I was stunned and didn't think to use my cell phone for pics,i continually told my wife to stop but she said she couldn't was afraid and drove us on home,we live very near the sighting,I have always said in my 56 years I had not seen anything to prove a ufo,,and now I feel my life will never be the same,to me the craft looked made in the usa,not extra terrestrial,because of the cargo like material it was made of.
we also heard no sounds from the vehicle,when returning home I looked back in the direction of the object,I should have been able to see it from my home,but it had disapeared.

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