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Square object in Muskogee Oklahoma going westward

Report ID: 1245 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, Oklahoma, Muskogee

Event Date: 01/28/2016  Event Time: 21:40  Submitted: 01/29/2016

Craft Shape: Square   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object emitted beams, Object made a sound, Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
It was a clear night and I had just laid down. My wife was asleep and my son had just left my room from talking to me. We had been listening to a steady roll like thunder that was maintaining its noise level. The house was vibrating like crazy. There were no storms. It was clear. After about five minutes he stepped out to see what it was. He started yelling for me to get out there and see this. My dog, a bull mastiff, wouldn't let me up. I could see something out my window just above the house. There was an odd light out but I didn't see the object clearly. My son described it as square with four white lights at each corner. When it finally passed my dog let me up but there wasn't anything to see. The boy said it went due west from us but was gone when I got out there. About seven to ten minutes later a very low flying jet coming from the southeast banked and headed due west. It was not a huge jet maybe the size of a fighter.

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