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Blue thrusters triple helix and trails of a ufo.

Report ID: 1289 Submitted by: roystir

Location: United States, Iowa, Dexter

Event Date: 06/17/2004  Event Time: 10:30  Submitted: 03/19/2016

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object left a trail
Report Details:
I was standing on the front porch admiring our Galaxy. When I spotted the thrusters of a ufo high in the upper atmosphere! I was standing looking south, to the southeast and up 45°. I watched this (blue) thruster, it looked like a triple coil thrust. The thrusters at launching left a Blue resonating signature. It jumped 4 times out away from earth. The first time it move up, at the second jump the trajectory changed because of the bubble our earth gives as a visual effect leaving atmosphere. Here's the interesting part! The 3rd. & 4th jump showed a 37° angle to the destination heading at that southeast angle, pin pointed to that part of the our milky way galaxy.

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