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UFOs observed in Ia City-Cedar Rapids

Report ID: 703 Submitted by: HeartlandGirl

Location: United States, Iowa, Cedar Rapids

Event Date: 04/07/2014  Event Time: 21:05  Submitted: 04/08/2014

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 3

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object, Object changed color
Report Details:
I saw three brightly lit objects over the Saddlebrook development in Iowa City when I was leaving work at approximately 9:05 pm tonight. The objects were south and east from me and had a horizontal bar shape with a central area that was larger and brighter, and they were moving, bobbing horizontally and vertically about. I stood outside looking at them. Then I noticed that one was descending, becoming brighter and more easily discerned, and I could see that it was actually ring shaped like a diamond eternity band with a central, larger diamond. It was descending quickly, and I hurried to my car. I traveled west on Hwy 6 going toward the 218 north entrance and continued to see the three objects, studying them as they moved when stopped at each crossing light, fearful that I might become distracted and have an accident. One remained lower and brighter than the other two, but they moved somewhat together. Minutes later when initially driving north on 218, I saw only one to my north and west, but eventually I saw two, the brighter and lower one behind me while I drove. The one to my left and in front of me appeared higher, and it was going in and out of the clouds, so sometimes I saw it and other times I did not. Highway 218 north became Interstate 380 north. When I finally got to Cedar Rapids, I thought they would rise and vanish. As I got closer to my apartment building off Wilson Ave, however, I could see two, both higher and less brilliant in light. Then when I parked my car outside my apartment building facing east, a very bright red ring shaped object was hovering low and east of my apartment building over a hill. I sat inside my car and looked right at it while I was talking to my co-worker on the phone because I was frightened. She pooh-poohs the existence of UFOs but stayed on the phone with me until I walked away from my car and was inside my apartment. The time was a few minutes before 10:00 pm, I believe, and the NCAA men’s championship basketball game had a couple minutes left. I can't take pictures with my phone.

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