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Bright Light Levitates in Several Different Areas

Report ID: 440 Submitted by: Skywatcher

Location: Canada, Alberta, Canmore

Event Date: 12/06/2013  Event Time: 05:00  Submitted: 12/06/2013

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
At approx 5:10 PM I noticed an extremely bright round object that appeared to be sitting on the horseshoe section between Ha Ling Peak and Miner's Peak. At first, I thought it was an extremely bright headlamp of a mountaineer. We often scramble these mountains at night. The object slowly descended behind the mountain then reappeared just west of Big Sister Mountain seconds later. I pulled over to the side of the road, and watched it. It was solidly lit (white), did not twinkle, remained stationary, then lowered once again as if it was trying to conceal itself. I then drove east trying to find it, located it once again east of Big Sister, where it brightened, then lowered itself behind a mountain again. I kept driving east, but never saw it again after that. Every time I stopped to watch it, it slowly descended out of sight. This was NOT a star. Stars do not move in this fashion. Planes typically flash and move in linear fashion. There was no sound, We often have helicopters in this area. And it was definitely not the space station - which moves quickly. This object lingered, as if watching our town from the ridge.

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