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Fireballs over Canmore, Alberta Canada

Report ID: 286 Submitted by: ldsdan

Location: Canada, Alberta, Canmore

Event Date: 08/25/2013  Event Time: 23:15  Submitted: 08/26/2013

Craft Shape: Fireball   Number of objects: 4

Additional Details:
Report Details:
Balls of fire came up over the Mountains South, South East of Canmore, AB. At first we (Myself, Mom, Sister, Brother in-law, and Nephew) thought they were flares, (but no tail or "pop"!?) Then we thought maybe Rockets!? Then we also though flaming balloons / those Asian fire lights? but these were way to big to be those!
Then 3 moved into a triangle formation. Then a 4th floated up and left into the night sky! The other 3 went back down behind the mountains (Spray Lakes / Windy Pass, Windy Valley area) Near the "Three Sisters Mountains" It was so bizarre... I would not be a person to talk about this (as I would fear being called crazy!) if the rest of the family wasn't there seeing the same thing tonight! My Mom called 911 and reported this to the RCMP toward the end of the sighting. My sister caught a video on her Cell, but the street lights interfered a lot with it.. I've asked her to email it to me so maybe I can add it on here later? I just wanted to document all this while it was fresh in my mind. This was so Crazy!! I never thought I would see something like this!
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