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ufo sseen in blue ridge mountains stuart va

Report ID: 821 Submitted by: mike56

Location: United States, Virginia, Stuart

Event Date: 11/24/2007  Event Time: 12:00  Submitted: 06/18/2014

Craft Shape: Disc   Number of objects: >10

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object changed color, Object landed
Report Details:
itstarted right before it got dark. five lights were flying right above the tree line, me and my girlfriend were sitting on the back porch.the lights were going up and down to miss the scared her so she went in the house,i continued to watch. it seemed like they were stoping at different places in the woods. iwent in the house for a while but I had to go back out.ihave 8 acres of fields they were a lot closer now.iwent back in and went in the bathroom with the light off so I could went right by the windowand landed in the field. I came out of the bathroomto lock the doors. they aproched the house,one shade wouldnot close and they were tryinto look girl was cryin by now I hollered at them to leave us alone . they left the porch and went back to there craft,it took off with out making asound I could still see the lights in the woods.i got a spotlight and went outside my fields had deer everywhere they would not look at me they just stared in the woods, they seemed afraid. this went on all night.there is a lot more to this story but when I would tell somebody they just look at me funny iwould realy like to tell to somebody who beleves me it happened and sometimes I wish it hadnot

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