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A Fleet of UFO's on the East Coast in St Augustine

Report ID: 823 Submitted by: nevillet904
A Fleet of UFO's on the East Coast in St Augustine image 508

Location: United States, Florida, St. Augustine

Event Date: 02/01/2014  Event Time: 15:30  Submitted: 06/19/2014

Craft Shape: Disc   Number of objects: >10

Additional Details: Haze around the object, Object changed color
Report Details:
My sons girlfriend came in the house and was yelling, "What are those orange lights in the sky?" So my, son, his girlfriend and I all went outside and sure enough you can see them coming through the trees. And when they reached a certain point just pass the tree line (the first craft in the photo is almost at this position) they would turn east and remain orange for about a second before the craft hit hyper space and one by one they went in what I am assuming is a worm hole. And then the news reported a couple spy ships just off our coast a few days later. I am sure they were either observation ships and they were conducting Government Training; Or they were there to monitor the activity at the Worm hole.

My thoughts on the whole picture is that we should all hope that the inner circle of the "New World Order" will be able to prolong the existence of earth beyond another 63,000 more years we have been promised. (That should be in the 2025 report). Biggest problem is everytime a distant ancestor comes back and changes history it creates another realm. But I guess they will keep trying until they are able to secure another 5 million years or so. Just as long as everyday living can start off each day with birds in the trees on a brisk beautiful morning each and every day of every year.

The earth is part of defense mechanism too. And there are many other stars that each secure the infinite vast clusters. And on the day of my fathers death I saw the most amazing thing,. Like I was looking out of a marble the size of a dime. And someone in a blue and white robe on his knees looking at earth along with a bunch of other marbles.

And the biggest problem we are having is the

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