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Round, high-domed shaped with red light on back

Report ID: 1423 Submitted by: Burrows

Location: United States, Vermont, Morrisville

Event Date: 08/06/2016  Event Time: 09:47  Submitted: 08/14/2016

Craft Shape: Cone   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object left a trail, Object emitted beams, Object changed color, Object landed
Report Details:
I was on the mower and stopped. I looked up on the hill next to me and It was in plain sight on the ground. I was in shock , then I couldn't get my telephone out and get to the camera app. soon enough before it started to take off. I did get a picture as it was taking off in a bright twirling light with many colors. As it turned in a funnel-shaped light, it got very bright and got smaller with many colors in a haze , then turned into a bright light and disappeared. It was gone.

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