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UFO craft. Up close and personal!!!

Report ID: 200 Submitted by: StonewallJus

Location: United States, Utah, Price

Event Date: 04/08/2008  Event Time: 20:00  Submitted: 07/07/2013

Craft Shape: Cylinder   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Electrical or magnetic effects were present
Report Details:
My father and I were traveling East on Highway 6 just east of the Highway 10/ Carbon Ave. exit. We had just finished our shopping in Price, and were headed back home East on Highway 6. It was about 8:00 pm, and the skies were clear. I was riding in the passenger seat, and glanced out the passenger window to look at the southern view of the evening sky. The UFO was just there! What I saw was absolutely amazing, and I took a couple of paralyzing seconds, just staring intently at this craft hovering to the south of us, to half grasp what I was seeing! Then I was able to look away, and get my Dad's attention. My Dad looked up from where he was sitting in the drivers seat. I could tell from his reaction that he was seeing the same thing I was. My Dad pulled the truck over to the side of the road very fast. We both hopped out and stood in front of the truck and watched the UFO continue on it's course into the Eastern sky. The moon was in the Southern hemisphere that night, so from the first instant I saw the craft through the passenger window of the truck, it was illuminated by the moon light, so I was able to see it's shape, external projections, and color. The vivid image of that craft is just burnt into my memory!
That section of highway 6 we were on is an East to West stretch. The flight path of this craft was a West to East direction, and it paralleled the highway exactly. For those that know the area, it was like if you drew a line from Pinnacle Peak to Intermountain Electronics, that would be the flight path. From my position in the cab of the truck, the UFO was about 300 yards to the south, and about 250 feet in the air. The craft itself was about 150 yards long, and at its thickest point from bottom to top was about 100 feet tall. The only audible sound was the craft moving through the air. The craft was surprisingly quiet. I guestimate that it was traveling 40 miles per hour, and the majority of the craft was unlit(meaning that it didn't have headlights). I could detect some light emitting from the craft at what seemed to be some of the concaved sections and seems. The most vivid detail was a lit window near the top third of the craft. It was rectangular in shape, and the yellowish light coming from inside illuminated the side of the ship immediately outside the window. The skin of the craft appeared to be metal. The craft was a slate color, and it was not smooth at all. It had boxy projections protruding from the bottom and the sides in an elongated fashion on the sides, and in a ribbed manner on the bottom. It also had antenna like objects protruding from the top and rear bottom edge. The best example of what I saw, comes from the movie Independence Day; the large ships that hover over the cities, but to the dimensions I previously mentioned.
This event comes up in our family conversations every so often. I'm glad I was able to share that experience with someone, because I can't adequately write what the feeling was like to be there for that intense minute of viewing. I don't know what's really out there, but it's the truth that I have sure knowledge that we are not alone!!! Or that our Gov. / technology is a lot further advanced than has been disclosed.

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