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Videotaping Wierd Cloud and 3 round Anomalies

Report ID: 1554 Submitted by: reportaufo
Videotaping Wierd Cloud and 3 round Anomalies image 1145 Videotaping Wierd Cloud and 3 round Anomalies image 1146

Location: United States, Florida, Sarasota

Event Date: 07/17/2018  Event Time: 15:30  Submitted: 07/23/2018

Craft Shape: Cigar   Number of objects: 4

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object, Other objects surrounding main object, Object emitted beams
Report Details:
I was taking pictures of a Double Rainbow and I noticed
a strange shaped cloud and 3 other Round Clouds above the
Strange shaped Cloud? So I videotaped and took several pictures of this Craft.
I did not notice the UFO’s after I reviewed the pictures later that day!
I noticed 3 clouds that did not look like normal clouds, they looked
Cloaked? I have sent this picture to MUFON, Mr. BB333 and Secureteam10 but I have not gotten any texts either way?

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