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Circular lights seen reddish orangish

Report ID: 1208 Submitted by: TAE
Circular lights seen reddish orangish image 845

Location: United States, California, Fremont

Event Date: 12/15/2015  Event Time: 08:19  Submitted: 12/16/2015

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object changed color, Object made a sound
Report Details:
I was walking with a friend to the playground. When we were walking back to a cottage. My friend told me to look up the sky. We saw a huge reddish orangish object in the sky. We have no explaining of what we saw. A few moment it went straight above us and and started flashing reddish orangish color at us. We ran as fast as we can where we could see lights. The lights happened to take place at a football field. We settled down for breath. We saw a reddish object again in front of us. In the center of the football field but smaller what we saw in the first place. Then we started hearing noises unexplained, but was very terrifying noises, we could feel vibrations shaking our body. we both turned on our iPhones and both of them were power off. We looked at each other for a moment confused. The reddish UFO disappered. Suddenly the football lights started to turn off one at each time. We ran as fast as we could again.. Back to the cottage we could see red flashing by our bedroom window sitting in there terrified. Doing nothing but shaking. We told our good friend she ran outside and saw red flashing by the our windows..But the problem she saw 6 UFO with even more unexplain noises..We look up at what our probably looked like nothing of the photo matched. But what our friend saw was extatly the same.

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