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Helicopter/Drone? Or Something Else in Gardena

Report ID: 1557 Submitted by: Dstar

Location: United States, California, Gardena

Event Date: 01/19/2019  Event Time: 18:00  Submitted: 01/19/2019

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
I was walking from my car and looked up to the night sky. I saw what I first thought was a helicopter hovering but I couldn’t hear it and it was completely still. It had maybe 4 bright red lights and a flashing green light. It seemed normal enough but then the red lights sort of revolved in a circle around the perfectly still object as if the object was rotating. Suddenly a bright white light briefly illuminated for a 1/2 second and then again 2 or 3 more times. Now I’m thinking drone. Then it moved a short distance and stopped suddenly once again perfectly still. It hovered for a minute then flashed the lights again and flew away. The red and green lights disappeared and the white light would flash once/sec. Each time it flashed it got significantly farther away and within 8 secs it was out of sight

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