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Two Orange UFO Lights Seen In Whitstable, Kent

Report ID: 1542 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United Kingdom, Kent, Whitstable

Event Date: 10/18/2017  Event Time: 23:15  Submitted: 10/24/2017

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object emitted beams, Object changed color
Report Details:
On Thursday the 18 October I was walking along the seafront in Whitstable, in the direction of Seasalter, and I noticed two very unusual spherical orange UFO lights hovering just above the surface of the water on The Swale. The time this observation happened was at 23.15. From where I was standing the two UFO orange lights would have been hovering along the shoreline adjacent to the RSPB Castle Coote Bird Sanctuary. This area is located next to the South Swale Local Nature Reserve. The orange light nearest the shoreline kept looping in the airspace and became very bright and then dimmed in luminosity.

The object did this repeatedly until 23.21 when the light suddenly rose rapidly upwards to an altitude of around 40 feet above ground level and flew across the Swale over to where the Elmley National Nature Reserve is located on Sheppey. The second orange light also then rose higher in the air and reached an altitude of around 100 feet above ground level, before slowly flying towards the Faversham Road in Seasalter. Then the second object became stationary and remained hovering above the houses in that area of Seasalter and at the same time became very bright, before dimming and then becoming bright again.

The first orange light was then seen at 23.35 changing to a brilliant white colour, before elongating in shape and becoming an incandescent cylinder of pulsating white light. After this object did this I became amazed with the spectacle I was observing out there on the Swale, next to the Elmley National Nature Reserve on Sheppey. The incandescent cylinder of white light seemed to then move very slowly along the shoreline of Sheppey and then out onto the Thames Estuary, in the direction of the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm. Once the object reached an area just west of the wind farm, the object became stationary. I then watched as the object changed colour and shape. The incandescent cylinder of white light became oval shaped and a green light and red light emerged from underneath the structure.

Whilst this was happening I looked over to where the second object had flown to and found the UFO was now slowly flying over Preston Parade and Fairway Crescent in Seasalter. Then the second object stopped again and just hovered there. After this I started watching the first UFO object again at 23.47 and noticed that some type of luminous green energy was pulsing underneath the structure of the object. Out of the white oval part of the object a beam of white light kept emerging and scanning the surface of the water. Then the object changed back into being an spherical orange light and flew quickly towards the direction of the South Essex Coast. As I left the second object seemed to vanish as though it had teleported out of the area. In my opinion these two orange lights were types of dimensional technology.

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