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Malstrom AFB Great Falls Montana UFO SITING 22 30

Report ID: 380 Submitted by: Birddog

Location: United States, Montana, Great Falls

Event Date: 11/01/2013  Event Time: 10:30  Submitted: 11/02/2013

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
In the evening Nov. 1 st I observed on four separate instances approx. 5 minutes apart a fast moving object passing directly over Malstrom AFB North to South and South to North at an altitude of (estimated) 300 feet at a high rate of speed. The base has UH-1 helicopters a squadron that originated in Vietnam. The objects observed presented themselves a white lite and small with a rate of speed matching an f-15 just below mach 1,o audible noise was emitted, the object remained as a single white lite emitting no other colors of lite. I was off base and approx. 3 miles from the UFO activity and had partial view as the UFO's passed in front of some industrial structures on both the north and south bound passes. I was not surprised by the siting and remained unexcited while enjoying the encounter as this was my first siting of UFO's. At times I here the base helicopters at night flying over and outside the base and have wondered why the helicopters were flying in the late evening and early morning hours, now I better understand as it makes sense the base helicopters are attempting to engage or observe unknown targets. In my opinion the UFO's seem to be drones rather than space craft proper collecting information as they were small in size and were flying a pattern over the base in single file I observed one object alone never together and it may have been the same object flying the pattern. I heard a base helicopter before my UFO siting for a few minutes and then the helicopter went quiet, no helicopter activity was ongoing for the remainder of my UFO sitings. In my opinion observing the UFO's was interesting that said it was 30 degrees and I was ready for bed and ended my observations. Probably a big deal for base security,myself i believe we are under observation by beings not indigenous to the planet earth and likely not impressed with how we manage our fish bowl and surely not impressed on humans unending desire to kill one another. Like I said it was interesting but not overly impressive just another UFO event to add to the list. Ho Hum - All The Best from Montana

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