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Oval shaped ufos flying over pittsburg, ca

Report ID: 1155 Submitted by: mel

Location: United States, California, Pittsburg

Event Date: 10/22/2015  Event Time: 08:43  Submitted: 10/23/2015

Craft Shape: Oval   Number of objects: 10

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object, Other objects surrounding main object, Object changed color, Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
At first I saw an abnormal oval shaped ufo flying extremely close above my block. It was flashing colors on and off in patterns then began multiplying what seemed like every 10 seconds. After 3 minutes the 1 ufo turned into around 10 ufos who were also flashing lights in what seemed to be some sort of sequence. They were flying in formation at an incredible speed.

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