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Video two ufos in the sky flying over Fair Oaks

Report ID: 269 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, California, Fair Oaks

Event Date: 03/31/2013  Event Time: 20:45  Submitted: 08/15/2013

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 3

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object
Report Details:
At approximately 8:45 PM I was on my driveway helping my friend load his equipment into his car when I noticed two lights in the sky that caught my eye. The sky was cloudy with a cloud deck of approximately 700-1000'; (as verified my a local meteorologist the following day) . The lights were an orange like color which is what caught my attention as most aircraft are more of a bluish/white. I'm 48 years old and grew up here where we have two air bases here McClellan and Mather So, I've seen my share of planes. I looked for any strobe lights or the typical red and green markers on an aircraft and there were none and that's when I ran inside and grabbed my camcorder. I filmed using a Sony HD camcorder. The craft came in from the West originally. As I began filming I was having trouble seeing the images on the side screen so you hear me unscrew the light on my garage. Shortly after I switch the camera to night vision which changed the actual color of the craft on the remaining video. You can here me talking to my friend David and then you here me yell out to my neighbor Tommy because I had heard the people leaving his home( he had an Easter party). You can also hear traffic on my street and on Sunrise Bl. (several blocks away), as well as our dogs barking in the back ground but NOT THE CRAFT. They were completely silent.
They seemed to come to a point nearly over my neighbors home across the street and then hover and slowly ascend into the clouds. (you can actually see the one on the right of screen disappear first). When I thought there were no more I turned off my camcorder.
Then TWO MORE came flying in! I began filming again Please keep in mind I am trying to do this while viewing a very small screen on my camcorder and I was very excited/nervous. Also because the screen was so small what looked like "bugs or bats" which you hear me saying was actually a light emanating from the craft and reflecting off of the surrounding cloud cover. I also mention that my camera isn't focusing but for the most part it was. Once again I was nervous and looking at a small screen. Finally with regard to my comments on video that they are flat on top. When I viewed the images on a larger screen it became apparent that the reason they were flat on top was because there was a solid disk/dome over the illuminated globe that I couldn't see because the screen was so small on my camcorder. I estimate they were the size of a extremely large workout ball to the size of a Volkswagon bug.
Here are some observations I made.
1. They came in from the West with the point of origin being almost due West on the first ones and further South each time to where the last one was coming almost from the South. Each time ascending a little further to the North.
2. They were capable of speeds up to 100+ MPH.
3. They could control and change their speed, and their angle of approach.
4. They were completely silent.
5. They were translucent. That is you could see through them.
6. There was a mechanism visible inside the glowing ball that may have consisted of a smaller glowing ball and a lens like thing that rotated about on an axiom directly relative to the surface of the inner ball giving the illusion of it being like a nucleus of a cell, an eyeball, or even perhaps some sort of a camera?
7. They flickered in intensity.
I have Since seen other images online that look very similar and were reported within days/weeks/months of this incident and some fairly close by (California).
I can also made a DVD of the incident in the original format if I can't send these to you via the internet. Unfortunately the images are no longer on my camera because I lost them some how when I transferred them to my laptop. (I hate computers and electronic stuff)
About me: I'm 48, a single parent, I'm currently still a Park Ranger Assistant for the County of Sacramento ( I will likely be put off duty soon due to an unrelated disability), I have a bachelors degree in business administration and still reside in Fair Oaks CA.
What do you think?

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