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what are these lights i keep seeing?

Report ID: 788 Submitted by: Neld

Location: United Kingdom, Surrey, Redhill

Event Date: 03/14/2012  Event Time: 20:00  Submitted: 05/22/2014

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
Keep seeing balls of light 15 times plus now, definately not lanterns, flying straight and silently at kinda hellicopter heights. They look exactly the same aproaching as going away hence balls of light, except for the ones i have seen during the day which appear as spheres. Just wanna know what they are, i Live between Gatwick and Heathrow airports so i suspect someone knows. Caught this one on video, came out onto my balcony looked up and it was directly above me, i know them at a glance as the light although never quite the same hue has something different about it compared to a planes lights for example, making them almost imediately recognisable. Anyway this one was flying directly overhead and so i went and got my camera, i got back outside it was still there and i was able to film it. On veiwing the playback on a large high def tv hitting the pause button every second like a freak it pretty much shows there are no other lights attached and i have captured a fair representation of what i keep seeing. I am seeing them way to frequently, and im sure someone is gonna give me a simple explanation. Although the last sphere i see whilst working on a friends roof a few months back actually faded from ghostly white to sky blue dissapearing altogether in front of my eyes just before a light aircraft passed at around the same height. I have brought these aircraft or whatever to the attention of my friends and family members some of who'm have now witinessed them with me. So if there is an explanation i would like to know.

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