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Flying Chevron Shrouded in Mist in Clear Night Sky

Report ID: 984 Submitted by: Taryneandsam

Location: Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Event Date: 04/18/2015  Event Time: 11:00  Submitted: 04/19/2015

Craft Shape: Chevron   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Haze around the object
Report Details:
My fiance and I were in the hot tub in the back yard looking up at the night sky. I pointed out a satellite to her and as i did i saw an object passing quickly though the sky. She looked up just as the object flew out of our view over the house and we both said at the same time " what the f#@! was that?". I'm a pilot and keep fairly current on aircraft and have never seen anything like this, it defy's logic. It was a flying 'V' or Chevron in a mist moving very quickly though the air maybe 1000' AGL. My fiance believed it to be just barely above the house but i think it was at least 1000'. It looked like it had a pressure wave in front of it like it was traveling super sonic and mist behind it with the Chevron shape being transparent, mist in front and mist behind, no sound. No sound at all. Two of us saw it at the same time and we still can't think of a rational explanation. It was a chevron in the mist travelling extremely quick in a straight line though the sky.

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