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35' disc, flying level at 50' along Interstate 90,

Report ID: 662 Submitted by: dsmithww

Location: United States, South Dakota, Piedmont

Event Date: 07/18/1967  Event Time: 23:00  Submitted: 03/18/2014

Craft Shape: Disc   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object made a sound
Report Details:
Summer evening,driving along I-90, turning onto Blackhawk Rd, I observed a saucer shaped vehicle, three lights, middle one larger than other two, came down to about 50' above median, stopped, turned a complete 360 degrees on its own axis, moved west another 100 yds, repeated the turn, repeated this move one more time.(sounds of muffled jet engines) This craft then flew west before climbing fairly quickly to about 15,000 ft., then flew east approx 5miles, came to a hover, and then dropped into the heart of,,,,,,,ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE.
Ps. My uncle was a fire suppression plumber and contracted with the AirForce.He did several jobs in one Ellsworth hanger and was forced to do his work.......blindfolded

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