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object shaped like diamond and very bright.

Report ID: 202 Submitted by: jmax

Location: United States, District of Columbia, Washington

Event Date: 07/07/2013  Event Time: 09:26  Submitted: 07/08/2013

Craft Shape: Diamond   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
it was Sunday, july 7 2013 when something so strange happened between 9:26 pm to 9:47 pm when i went to open my window for cool air.From far away i saw something in the sky glowing like a star or a near by planet . I looked around in other parts of the sky and there were none at the time.i mean i just opened my window and from know where there was something sparkling only white far in the sky.though it was quite a distance from where i live, it could still be seen clearly from my window. i don,t know much about stars or planets but of course it had to be a star or near by planet because it was so stable and wasn't even moving at all just sparkling white. And even as dark clouds started moving along the star/planet i could still see a little light still sparking.In a matter of minutes i saw helicopters coming from the western direction, but for what reason ? this star or whatever it could have been was lets say in the North eastern direction. but something seemed kind of odd when i saw the helicopters heading towards the star. Approximately 5-9 helicopters coming one after the other.i did not have anything to record so i kept on looking to see whats going to happen. To my surprise/oh my God it wasn't a star as soon as the helicopters arrived and even went after it. When whatever this thing was noticed impact, it disappeared into the dark clouds within a flash of light and appeared for the second time so far in the east for 3-4 seconds and wasn't seen again.The helicopters kept on circulating the same area over and over again for about 4-10 minutes for whatever it was.However the helicopters had reduced in number to at least 2 or 3.This was a very strange sighting and i know someone or some people saw this event occur that night. My question is(1) where did that glowing thing come from? (2)when they were going after it why didn't they use only fighter jets,why helicopters?(3)if they used fighter jets would it have made enough noise to cause suspicion in the general public?

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