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Fast blinking light shot straight up in visalia Ca

Report ID: 1391 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, California, Visalia

Event Date: 07/12/2016  Event Time: 04:00  Submitted: 07/15/2016

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
Around for in the morning I was out side on my patio smoking a cigarette. Let me just say to you that i do not believe in UFO from space. But wat I saw I cannot rap my mind around in the sky looking to the north was a was a blinking light not a plain or jet it came right at me and and shot straight up it was gone five or ten sec after that it was right above me. Wat the hell is going on . Wy me it scared the hell out of me.

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