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1-3 orbs or balls of light hovers over visalia

Report ID: 1553 Submitted by: Rose22
1-3 orbs or balls of light hovers over visalia image 1140 1-3 orbs or balls of light hovers over visalia image 1141 1-3 orbs or balls of light hovers over visalia image 1142

Location: United States, California, Visalia

Event Date: 07/06/2018  Event Time: 08:00  Submitted: 07/07/2018

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object, Other objects surrounding main object, Object changed color
Report Details:
For about a month or so, my fiancee and I have been seeing this orb hovering in the
Sky every night, and now since last week there's one more that hovers across the other side of the sky.I first noticed when I went on my balcony to smoke a cigarette so now since that day every night I go on my balcony to smoke and watch those orbs in the night sky, and what is even stranger is when I put my hand up in the air and wave my hand back and forth it seems like its following my movements of my hand so I asked my fiancee if it is moving with my hand motions and I also asked my fianc├ęs Friend if he sees it moving with my hand movements and they both looked at one another and said yes and were a little wierded out about it. So I told my fiancee to wave his hand and he did and it did nothing but it would follow my hand movements. One of the orbs that is hovering is a orange yellow color ..and the other looks like a star white orb, but with my phones camera I zoomed up close and the white orb that follows my hand movements is blinking colors red and green and blue.

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