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Extremely bright red light over Trowbridge

Report ID: 812 Submitted by: Wen

Location: United Kingdom, Wiltshire, Trowbridge

Event Date: 06/14/2014  Event Time: 23:55  Submitted: 06/14/2014

Craft Shape: Oval   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
Hi. I just witnessed an extremely vivid red light in the night sky just before midnight 14/06/2014. It travelled about the same speed as a commercial aircraft for about a minute, then started to fade and disappear like a dying ember. There was no sound and no other lights visible as with an aircraft.
The light did not fall from the sky as it faded away. The shape was circular but not spinning or flashing on and off. Maybe a flare??? Have never seen anything like this before.

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