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Triangular craft seen with red pulsating/ rotating

Report ID: 734 Submitted by: Ladyofleisure

Location: United Kingdom, West Sussex, Colgate

Event Date: 04/11/2014  Event Time: 09:55  Submitted: 04/22/2014

Craft Shape: Triangle   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object emitted beams, Object changed color, Electrical or magnetic effects were present
Report Details:
The craft was stationary with these lights flashing at this angle. The movement is my arm getting tired holding my ipad up to the sky. To the naked eye this was a white star shape.
My son & I noted it travelling at great speed from west of Horsham, Sussex across the sky in a second to East Horsham area. The distance would be approx 6 miles. Quite low down at helicopter height. It was just north of us. It was just a white cluster of lights with red & occaisionally blue lights. Only when I started using the video feature of my ipad did I see the triangle shape. We could see the undercarriage. It had a red rotating circle with two white lights. One in each corner of the triangle points.
I don't know if the auditory came through on your clip but by son was with me. We saw the exact, same craft two nights in a row 9 th & 11 th April 2014.
I have seen a white cluster craft in roughly the same spot every night for more than a week.
We have lots of ' star' clusters around. They are at varying heights. The triangle was one dominant ' star' and another dominant ' star' is above my neighbours house & land West of us (in this weird village full of Paranormal activity.)
The triangle was in situ for many hours sending out pattern codes to the other dominant 'star' we thought ..
It did not occur to me to take a video because we see lots of strange, weird airborne craft around here at night. They are here in plain site at darkness from 21.30 until 04.00 ish. The smaller 'stars' here are still low but with dull lighting.
These 'stars' are way too low to the ground to be stars. My neighbours have been commenting about these low 'stars' & wondering what they are.

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