What you are about to read is a bit weird, but bear with me, I promise to make my point as fast as I can.

For a long time scientists have been cloning different kinds of animals throughout the world. I am not sure if any country has ever cloned a human being, but let's, for the sake of this article, time travel to year 2304, where cloning humans has been officially approved by governments, and became a common practice for various medical reasons, such as growing replacement organs, etc.

Now imagine the following situation:

You were kidnapped at night, right from your bed. Taken to a medical facility, where you find an identical clone ready to replace you. The reason for replacement is not relevant. You have been placed in a dark room and had been given a helmet with wires connected to computers nearby. The computers make a complete copy of your brain, so called an image copy, similar procedures are used to copy and clone information on hard drives. The copy of your brain, which encompasses everything you remember up until the moment of your kidnapping, would be transferred to your new clone. Your clone, while being in a sleep state, is taken back to your house, placed in a bed. The original human, you, is then just plain disposed off (killed).

The question: When the new you (the clone) wakes up in the morning, would it feel as if nothing happened to YOU? Would you feel that you have actually died? As far as you're concerned, you went to bed at night and woke up in the morning. What are your thoughts?

Comments are greatly appreciated!