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Jamestown, RI, Four Orange Objects Pass Overhead

Report ID: 408 Submitted by: Hank

Location: United States, Rhode Island, Jamestown

Event Date: 11/16/2013  Event Time: 06:30  Submitted: 11/17/2013

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 4

Additional Details:
Report Details:
Around 6:30 pm, I spotted an bright white orange light pulsating somewhat coming above the SW treeline horizon, which would have put it over the Atlantic Ocean with Narragansett and N. Kingston to its left. It was moving the speed of a slow plane, but with no blinking lights. It almost appeared to be a plane on fire, but absent a trail. I watched go directly overhead on a NE trajectory toward Portsmouth, RI. And it was soundless. A meteor? Too slow. A flame-driven hot air balloon? Too fast and steady in its trajectory. There was little wind. And their steady horizontal trajectory did not suggest flares of any kind.
Moments later a second similar object appeared following the same trajectory. As I watched both ebb toward the NE horizon, I call my wife to come outside to see if she could see what was left of their view.
Then another appeared on the SW horizon, shortly followed by a fourth. They passed directly overhead, round in shape. The light emanating was flame-like orange...again, with no sound at all. And again, they were moving at a speed and trajectory that did not suggest floating objects. My inability to ascertain the light source made altitude difficult to assess. My best guess: four to eight thousand feet, because one could see a somewhat pronounced, not perfectly symmetrical flame-like flickering, but very bright.
We speculated that folks traveling east across the Jamestown Bridge would have had a good view, and my wife elected to call the Jamestown Police. We were curious if anyone else had reported sighting the four objects that passed over about an eight minute time span. They had received no reports, but sent a young officer to whom we recounted what we had witnessed.
What we saw remains inexplicable. I regret not getting a photo.

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