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Unidentified lights near Nelsonville, OH

Report ID: 1213 Submitted by: BillyBob

Location: United States, Ohio, Nelsonville

Event Date: 12/19/2015  Event Time: 18:30  Submitted: 12/20/2015

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object changed color
Report Details:
This happened around 6:30 pm on December 19, 2015. My brother and I were sitting around a campfire when I noticed a star that had appeared on the Southeastern horizon. It was a little odd, it was twinkling red and yellow and white, I didn't think too much of it but decided to keep half an eye on it as I continued my conversation with my brother. After a couple minutes, I suddenly realized that it had moved significantly higher above the horizon, although I hadn't noticed any perceptible movement. Upon this realization, I pointed it out to my brother and asked him if he could see it moving, and sure enough, at just about the same time, it started to pick up speed so that we could both tell that it was indeed moving. It looked something like a normal airplane, but its flight pattern was erratic, it changed direction and speed several times, at times even seeming to hover. I ran inside to grab binoculars and a camera, but by the time I got back outside, it had disappeared behind the hills. It made no noise, I suppose that a helicopter could have moved like this thing did, but I'm pretty sure that we would have heard it if it were a helicopter. I have no idea what it was.

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