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Over Ann Arbor Michigan sighting. Pulsates, colors

Report ID: 669 Submitted by: crupee

Location: United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor

Event Date: 03/21/2014  Event Time: 10:45  Submitted: 03/22/2014

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 5

Additional Details: Object had lights, Other objects surrounding main object, Object changed color
Report Details:
In the Northern sky, hanging out my second story window smoking a cigarette. When this appeared in the open sky. It was round and pulsated, getting big than small. Mostly blue with red and green lights. I saw this last year in January. So ever since then I had been waiting to see it again. When it showed up I grabbed my LG android phone and stated recording it. This is the video. The blue one I could see but all the other ones I couldn't see with my naked eye. Only on the phone while recording.
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