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large UFO seen in Iowa March 14 2011

Report ID: 71 Submitted by: jhopp2313

Location: United States, Iowa, Newell

Event Date: 03/14/2011  Event Time: 09:00  Submitted: 04/19/2013

Craft Shape: Triangle   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object changed color, Object landed
Report Details:
It was two years ago, I've only told about three of my closest friends about this night. It mid March so there was still snow on the ground in Iowa, a buddy and I were driving along an old gravel road heading out to the nearest lake which was only a few miles outside our small town. About half way there we came upon a hill, once atop the hill we see this massive vehicle in the middle of the road with three lights near the bottom and two above it. The lights were massive, they reminded me of spotlights, once we began getting closer to it we realized this wasn't any ordinary vehicle, it was taking up the entire gravel road, while gravel was being flung all around it yet it wasn't moving closer to us or it didn't appear to be. By then we were freaking out, goosebumps, chills and all. I was literally yelling at him to turn around as it was really hard to make out the vehicle with all the dust flying, but man were the lights bright. As we got within fifty feet from the vehicle we finally were able to turn around and as we pulled into a farmers driveway the lights began shinning in and around our car which is why they remind me of spotlights. The colors continued to change from white, blue, green, and red. Just as we turned around and bolted out of there i quickly looked back at the giant machine when suddenly the three bottom lights appeared to float or move up towards the two top lights. I turned to my buddy to describe to him what i was seeing, only to turn back around moments later and the giant thing was just gone...completely gone. I know what i saw that night, that night changed my life, rocked my beliefs and changed my views. I think about that night every single day and its been two years. For months i denied what i saw, trying to rationally explain it, but eventually common sense and logic got the better of me...there was no way to logically go about explaining what we saw that night besides for a ufo. Besides for the sound of us yelling and freaking out and also the dust that was being flung off against the giant ufo we didn't hear any other noise coming from the ufo.

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