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ufo in chicago little village cellphone quality

Report ID: 639 Submitted by: RYSEONE

Location: United States, Illinois, Chicago

Event Date: 06/18/2013  Event Time: 12:05  Submitted: 03/07/2014

Craft Shape: Cylinder   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details:
Report Details:
i live not to far from midway airport so im pretty use to seeing a lot of planes. these objects i recorded did not have any blinking lights on them. the video quality is from a cellphone so its crappy. its only two videos the second one looked to be so far in the sky it looked like a star ive seen planes very very high and i would still be able to see the lights but these had none i did go on a satellite tracking website that made me put in my zip code 60623 by the way, and there was about an hour gap before any satellite passed.i saw a great sighting a couple months before i recorded this. the video is taken on the corner of my block that experience i had was in my yard of course i couldn't get it on film but it was weird that i saw all this within a couple months maybe
"they" were studying that area. the experience i had assured me that it was them i just wish i caught that on film it was pretty much two white glowing objects kind of looked like a giant orb i first thought it was plane of course i looked for the blinking lights it had none but as i yelled at my girlfriend to get the camera inside the house they both just disappeared it looked the light just dimmed until they were gone. it was a clear cloudless night i couldn't of lost them. well oh well its just one of those things believe it or not. i hope the video is helpful.
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