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saw two balls of light I took a clear picture

Report ID: 995 Submitted by: spacy7
saw two balls of light I took a clear picture image 616

Location: United States, California, Pasadena

Event Date: 03/19/2014  Event Time: 05:00  Submitted: 05/09/2015

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details: Object left a trail
Report Details:
I was at a beach by the PCH highway called "Deer Creek". I was there from 12:00 p.m to about 5:30 p.m. I usually go with a friend, but this time I went by myself to get away for a bit. I didn't realize that I was all alone at the beach, I sort of dozed off a bit. I was packing up to leave, and just decided to sit and watch the beautiful sunset for about ten minutes or so. I suddenly saw two balls of light. I had my phone so I decided to take a picture, I didn't really think nothing of it, but I managed to take a solid picture. The two objects would appear and disappear.

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