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White mirror image Sails / diamond shape object

Report ID: 937 Submitted by: Weezy
White mirror image Sails / diamond shape object image 551

Location: Canada, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Event Date: 10/20/2014  Event Time: 17:00  Submitted: 10/20/2014

Craft Shape: Diamond   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
I walked out onto my north facing deck at 5:00pm n a cloudless 23 degree fall day and looked up to the northwest where I saw this slow moving white object moving east to west at a steady but not fast pace. The object was shaped like a sail with a /triangle mirror image shape below it separated by a small gap. Ultimately it was like a white diamond shape with a tilt to it and a space between the two halves.
I observed it for approx. one minute before it disappeared over the west horizon of my view. I even had time to run in and get my digital camera but it could not focus on the object in the nothing blue sky. No con trail at all. (The image attached was taken of the view I had 20 min after the actual sighting just to capture the scenario.)

This the seventh sighting I've had since my first in 1997. I've seen everything from cigar shaped objects to black triangles to orbs and black barrels in my experiences. Time to get a better camera.

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