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Two lights seen over Gold Coast Australia

Report ID: 516 Submitted by: RAVIN

Location: Australia, Queensland, Gold Coast

Event Date: 01/05/2014  Event Time: 19:50  Submitted: 01/06/2014

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details: Object had lights, Other objects surrounding main object
Report Details:
Driving home from dropping somebody home on 5th January 2014, I saw two dull orange-ish lights above the Gold Coast. The higher one had a more reddish tinge to the other light. Although they were close to Coolangatta Airport I believe they were not planes, because they were much too close together at a low altitude to be planes coming in to land simultaneously, and have had no reports of a plane crash. Also they couldn't have been stars as they were too obviously strange and discoloured to be stars. Next to the road was a long shrubbery with trees and as I drove passed one tree the lower light simply vanished without a flash or a line to see where, and as I drove passed another tree the remaining light did the same. Havn't seen any traces of them since.

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