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White light flying across sky at night

03/21/2013    1 0   View Report
Report ID: 23 Submitted by: thunder United States, Georgia, Valdosta

Orange ball just seen in London sky

03/19/2013    4 0   View Report
Report ID: 22 Submitted by: Spider United Kingdom, Greater London, London

UFO Sighting Birmingham UK January 1983

03/18/2013    3 0   View Report
Report ID: 19 Submitted by: Steve United Kingdom, West Midlands, Birmingham

Round jellyfish see through inside red triangle

03/17/2013    4 1   View Report
Report ID: 18 Submitted by: GGA United States, California, Laguna Niguel

Round object seen briefly in the sky over Orlando

12/29/2012    12 5   View Report
Report ID: 1 Submitted by: reportaufo United States, Florida, Orlando