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Close Encounter of the Third and Fourth Kind

Report ID: 25 Submitted by: wonka49

Location: United States, South Dakota, Watertown

Event Date: 12/11/2009  Event Time: 01:15  Submitted: 03/22/2013

Craft Shape: Oval   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Object made a sound
Report Details:
First it was telepathy from the Elohim, then the Paladian's, and then a ship was sent for me. I had no interest in this, but they did. I saw the ship, small, round, spinning, two beings in it. It was above town, they left me. Ever since, my mind and body have been invaded by Extraterrestrials, and I see ships all the time around my home just south of St. Louis, Mo. I don't bother photographing it, people believe what they wish to believe. I would not waste my time of this if this were not true.

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