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Dancing sphere of white light, luminous

Report ID: 1459 Submitted by: Obrien205

Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

Event Date: 10/02/2008  Event Time: 20:00  Submitted: 09/16/2016

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
I had just come home from work, it was still daylight but day was about to break.
I turned the corner of my house and walking up the side walk to my back door.
I saw a very jovial white sphere of light dancing right above my back yard.
It was dancing in a perfect circle in a horizontal manner, bouncing in a perfect circle, I felt it was a very happy light. I kept thinking is this someone that I know who has crossed over, letting me know that they are very happy and quite ok now? I do believe that there is another level of existence , I thought this is in my yard for a reason, I watched it for at least one hour from my window, then the clouds hid it as it became dark, so I could not see it anymore,so I don't know how long it was there, it was travelling in a perfect circle, just happily bouncing along

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