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Report ID: 568 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown

Event Date: 06/03/1989  Event Time: 01:00  Submitted: 01/27/2014

Craft Shape: Cigar   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object
Report Details:
and associate and I were working a saturday at our place of employment. As we were leaving the building there was a very bright object right above us about 50 feet. It decended in a diagnal movement into a wooded area at the other end of the building.It cast a light just as bright as a welding arc.The light dimmed as it got closer to the tree line. We walked around the front of the building toward the tree line. We got to the other end of the building.I couldn't see it at first because it was blended right in with the pine trees. what i seen seem to be a thin , small cigar shaped object about 3 feet long inside what appeared to be a heat bubble.iT yawed from side to side without touching the ground. i continued to adjust my eye sight as i tried to watch it.It seemed to be well hidden in that bubble which fluctuated like a desert heat wave.there was no sound what soever from the moment we seen it.We watched it for about 20 minutes. It seemed not to moved as long as we were watching it.we decided to leave. So we went back to the other side of the building back to the door. I scanned the area to see if i could see it. I happened to scan the sky, when to my surprise there it was about 1000 ft. in the air. It had a hazy cloud effect around it that seemed to fluctuate around it. I'm a man of the Lord so you can take it from there. I'd take a lie detector test and pass with flying colors. This thing whatever it was seemed to stay to the pine trees in which it was well hidden..It could come down in your back yard and you wouldn't even know it. I truly believe it's capability could be lethal. the light it cast was so bright there's no way you could watch it while it was lit.and the heat wave it was casting was like a piece of steel out of an oven !!!

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