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Orange object flying through sky. Like ISS but org

Report ID: 498 Submitted by: turtelpond
Orange object flying through sky. Like ISS but org image 284 Orange object flying through sky. Like ISS but org image 285

Location: United States, Oregon, Otis

Event Date: 12/31/2013  Event Time: 11:28  Submitted: 01/02/2014

Craft Shape: Unknown   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
I got home around 11:45pm last night. The sky was clear so as I always do when I see the stars is look for shooting stars, satellites, comets, or whatever might be in the sky. Well tonight as I look NE, I see this orange???? satellite??? don't know what it was. It was orange though... like a fire orange... It was moving basically N to S... maybe NNE to the SSW. I have seen many shooting stars, and this was not a shooting star. It moved very steady, like the ISS. I watched it for a couple of minutes or more. That is why I thought a satellite. At one time it was directly over head. My 12:00. and as it got to about 2:00 in the sky, it just slowly disappeared. I found it an odd place to loose site of it. I attached a couple of shots. In fact, after I spotted this object I had time to get my camera and change lens. I took the first shot in manual 1/250, 35 mm. I didn't think that I picked up the object, but I did. You have to look pretty hard to see it. In the second photo, I changed the setting to Program and took the second shot. Both pictures were hand held. So back to the second photo. It was so dark that the lens speed was 30 seconds. I got tired of trying the impossible, holding the camera still for more then 5 seconds. I finely just brought the camera down. But to me what the second photo shows is the color of the object. I had to try and find if someone else saw this. I found this site where someone took a video of what ever it was I saw. I know my pictures aren't great, but they show something...
I saw what was posted about the California sightings. This was different. What they saw looked like Chinese lanterns.

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