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Round Lights of Varying Color, Stationary/Moving

Report ID: 692 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, North Carolina, Fuquay-Varina

Event Date: 04/04/2014  Event Time: 08:50  Submitted: 04/04/2014

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 4

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
I usually am a very skeptical person, but after seeing the lights I witnessed last night and tonight, I have very little doubt left. Last night, I was staring up at the moon and I asked myself, "what would an explosion on the moon look like?" Within two seconds a light, which was off white, round, and appeared to be at the edge of the farmland directly behind my house, seemingly flashed in my direction. It wasn't terribly bright, it only lasted a second, but it was directly above the moon and, in a strange coincidence, appeared right after I asked myself that question.

The second sighting was tonight, at roughly 5-10 minutes before 9 PM Eastern Time. There were several orange lights very far away above the tree line. One or two (not sure if it was the same one that changed location suddenly or not) were moving in a strange swirling-like dance, then stopped. There are no houses in that direction and I look up at the sky on a regular enough basis to know that it is highly unlikely that a helicopter or plane would have orange lights or move in that way. I got the second sighting on film and my mother saw the second set of lights.

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