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Triangle object with light near Jackson, MS

Report ID: 391 Submitted by: JTMeadows

Location: United States, Mississippi, Pelahatchie

Event Date: 10/29/2013  Event Time: 06:15  Submitted: 11/07/2013

Craft Shape: Triangle   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
It was early morning and the sun was just coming up. I was driving west on I-20 around mile marker 66. The interstate splits and there is a wooded median at this point. I noticed a brief, bright light in the trees on the median. I looked up and saw a large, grey-black, triangle-shaped object. The light dimmed and the object just vanished a few seconds after I saw it. There were only a few other cars on the west-bound side of the interstate, but it didn't seem as if anyone else noticed the object, or if they did they weren't stopping, or altering their path. I looked off and on but did not see the object again for the rest of the drive. There is an airport in Jackson, but this was definitely not an airplane or jet. There was a distinct triangle shape. I would estimate that the object was a few hundred feet in the air and was much bigger than a basketball (maybe about the size of a blow-up beach ball). There was no sound that I could hear from in my car and there was no evidence of emissions.

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